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It is necessary to obtain an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis in order for the PDA profile to be described. If you think that you or your child might have PDA, you can talk to your GP about being referred to a paediatrician, psychologist or psychiatrist who specialises in autism. It may be necessary to take some information about PDA with you to show your GP. There are some useful printable resources in the Resources section of this website. If you need help finding a specialist familiar with PDA, please refer to the following lists which are regularly updated.


It is important to remember that you know yourself or your child better than anyone else. Practitioners are still learning about PDA. Work together as a team to ensure an accurate diagnosis and support for your family. 




If you suspect that your child has PDA and you have a Facebook account, you can join the PDA Australia Parents' Group or PDA New Zealand Parents' Group for support. There is also the PDA Perth, Western Australia (Parent Support Group) for WA  residents and the PDA Adults Global (Support Group) for adults who identify with PDA themselves. It is not necessary to have a diagnosis to join these groups. Sometimes, a person does not meet enough criteria to get an autism diagnosis but may still find the PDA strategies helpful. 








You might like to suggest to the health and

education professionals involved in your

child's care that they join the PDA

Professionals' Network Australia and

New Zealand Facebook group.



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